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What is alt.html?

This is an unmoderated USENet group that has grown in scope of its discussions. It used to be solely for the discussion of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), but it has evolved (along with regular contributors) to cater for a wide variety of topics that webdevelopers, webdesigners and webmasters all find useful and beneficial. The group caters for all levels of skills from the person wanting to create their first web page right through to full-time professional web consultants. The interest of members helping other members (less-experienced or even more!), and leaving their business/commercial interests outside the group, creates an unique and friendly atmosphere. It is certainly a more relaxed newsgroup than the official comp.infosystems.www.authoring.* hierachy.

Before you post a question to alt.html make sure to:

  1. Look for an answer on this FAQ
  2. Search the Google Groups Archive (http://groups.google.com/) for an answer to your question
  3. Read recent messages posted to the group to see if your question was just answered
  4. Proceed with posting your question


"This group was neither proposed nor discussed on alt.config. If it had been, the proponent would have first been directed to the alt creation guidelines where he could learn why the name is so poor. Then he would have been directed to the comp.infosystems.www.* hierarchy, where there are many groups on this topic, including one specifically devoted to writing HTML."


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