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Any information about the ITV and Sky TV web browsers?

How can we test that a site works with Sky and ITV digital browsers?

ITV Digital's resolution appears to be around 450px wide so I suppose that's not much different to the WebTV browser. The Flash plugin is useless (no audio, no raster images within a .swf are displayed), and there's not much in the way of client-side processing power under the hood because frame rates drop to 2-3fps even with the most basic animation.

Neither Sky nor ITV Digital are using WebTV; they're using (well ITV Digital is, I suspect Sky of similar) ANT's Fresco (Apparently, a more stable version than the RISC OS desktop one) or NetGem's NetBox.

There's also (looking at Freeserve's so-called "TV detection" code which will also take the desktop version of Fresco...) another browser called Liberate.

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