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Are there any problems with the Verdana font?

Verdana was designed to be a screen-readable font, and as such it should be a good font choice for on-screen text, although it's default font size is larger than other fonts. This higher aspect ratio provokes problems when Verdana isn't available and the font selection falls to an alternative font. Since Verdana is a bigger font, web designers compensate for the larger aspect-ratio of Verdana by specifying a smaller font size. This is counter-productive. Those who don't have Verdana installed will end up with a smaller than optimal default sans-serif font.

Unfortunately this situation cannot be currently remedied, so the best option at the moment is not to use Verdana, or when used, don't compensate for its size and leave the font-size at 100%. Those who have Verdana as their default font will get the larger fonts they asked for, and those who don't use Verdana will not be "punished" for it.

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