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How do I allow my client to update News articles daily?

The client will need to learn some basics. It shouldn't be too hard to learn to use a simple editor and to upload a file via FTP. You could just tell them to edit some particular parts of a page by adding or changing text there, e.g. below a heading like <h2>Upcoming events</h2> At the minimum, they just need to type text there and separate paragraphs with <p> tags.

Very simple knowledge will suffice. Actually it's the FTP part that is more trouble, but you could write down simple instructions for the particular FTP client they'll use.

There is a way to avoid even the FTP (and HTML) part of the job, though I think that part is actually negligible as compared to the real effort of deciding what needs to be changed and reviewing the pages on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date. The way would be to set up some server-side software which let e.g. users fill out a form containing text to be added and some authorization fields (username and password); the software would take the data and modify some page(s) on the server accordingly. This would be considerably more work for you. And you would need CGI or equivalent on the server.

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