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Whats the difference between hits and number of users?


Each and every request to each and every page, image and other objects.


Number of individual users to visit the site.

Page views

how may pages were viewed by your visitors.

It must be noted though that hits are really the only accurate one of the two, but still inaccurate because of things like caching but they give you a general idea of whats happening with your site.

There's no way to get 100% accuracy on uniques. Even with the use of cookies, many people clear them from their hard drive. Even through analysing the server log files because of dynamic IPs and proxy servers.

Analog 5.1: How the web works:

Traffic volumes

As a rough guide

Low usage pages

vanilla company web sites, personal homepages 20 hits per week

Medium interest pages

popular home pages, dynamic pages 2000 hits per week

High interest pages

local news sites, speciallised pages, 20000 hits per week

Media pages

national news sites, e-commerce sites, 200000 hits per hour

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