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Any search engine tips?

More interesting is the recent revelation that Inktomi penalizes pages that are submitted via it's free "Add URL" page! This is because of the large amount of spam urls submitted via the free service. However, this penalty is removed if Inktomi happens to later find your URL on its own (by following a link from another site) or if you use the paid inclusion service, and it is not added back in if the site is later resubmitted via the free "Add URL" page (to prevent sneaky people from submitting their competitor's webpages).

Get in Google, and everything else falls into place. Sometimes it takes a few weeks.

Seventy percent of the potential traffic you can get from the search engines will come directly or indirectly from google (Yahoo uses google for search page results).

None of the "search engine optimization tips" make much difference to google. It finds you through links from other sites. It ranks you based on the quantity and quality of links.

To get decent traffic from the search engines (many others of that 30% also use link popularity), you need to get links from sites similar to your own.

Don't take shortcuts for this... The search engines can and do sense the existence of many or most of the "link farms" programs.

Zeus (www.cyber-robotics.com) doesn't fall into this class... It merely automates the honest exchange of quality links among similar sites.

In the end, most of your traffic will come from the links, not the search engines... In addition, the links are more reliable since they are so diverse. Who knows when/if/under what circumstances google will be replaced and/or change their ranking policies. Just don't be a slave to them... Instead, rely on links.

Quite a number of search engines (such as Google and AOL Search) use the Open Directory Project for Directory Listings, so it is essential that your entry in this directory is accurate.

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