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alt.html FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

alt.html is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to all aspects of website design and development. It is a general mix of webmasters, coders, artists and designers, and the group caters for all levels of website development from the first personal webpage to the latest cutting-edge fully accessible commercial websites.

This website is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers from the alt.html, as well as other associated web-related newsgroups such as comp.infosystems.www.authoring.*, alt.www.webmaster. The intention is to bring together Usenet knowledge in a website form to create a resource for web developers.

The first port of call you'll want is the list of FAQ categories, or you might want to browse the complete list of questions. There are over 160 questions so far, covering topics from Usenet, HTML, CSS, Javascript, webhosting and webmastering a site.


5 August 2004: Changes and Updates

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